Remedial Solutions

Remedial Solutions in Karnataka

This Astrology report analysis all Doshas (malefic combinations) which are present in your horoscope which creates delay and obstacles in your professional and personal life i.e. Kalsarpa Dosha (if applicable), Kemdrum Dosha, Manglika Dosha (if applicable), Pitra Dosha, Putra Dosha, Sarpa Dosha and other Doshas. Besides a detailed analysis of these all Doshas, astrologers also recommend effective and simple remedies to overcome Doshas (malefic combinations).

This report deals with strategies for dealing with problems that we face because of our bad karma in the form of weak, afflicted, ill placement of planets and continuance of bad planetary periods. In many horoscopes presence of doshas, spoil Rajayoga effects. When these Doshas are present, the good effects do not fructify. The Rishis who wrote the Astro-classics have mentioned several of these Doshas and have given several remedial measures. A deep in-depth study of the horoscope is necessary to carefully analyze these and to prescribe the correct and authentic remedies. In most cases the remedies are simple reciting of Stotras or mantras. In other cases Poojas or Shanties and Havans are necessary. It is always advisable to check if any Doshas are present in a horoscope and get the remedies performed. Most of these remedies can be conveniently performed in most parts of India.

Remedial Solutions

Vedic astrology is not only useful for telling us, when we can expect rough times but also it can tell us how to neutralize them with the help of Jyotisha /astral remedies. The Vedic scriptures contain many remedial measures (propitiation of malefic planets) and strengthening weak, ill placed, afflicted planets with the help of Jyotisha Pendant/Kavach/Precious Gems etc. for combating negative karma.

As per the light thrown by our classic Vedic astrological literature, the remedial measures work only when, if one has faith in god and he/she offers charities, prayers, with complete sincerity and faith. When a person is impelled by the Divine Force (self, fortune lord or Jupiter is well placed in one's chart), only then he/she seeks the help of astrological remedial measures (Jyotisha Remedies).