Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility in Karnataka

Marriage is one of the most important events in someones life. It may sound like a long lasting road to happiness; however, it isn’t as simple as that. As a client once told me “When I got married, I was looking for an ideal, but I married an ordeal and now I want a new deal.” There are many factors in a marriage and in order to have a long lasting and fruitful relationship, it is essential that the communication process between a couple starts right from the beginning.

By taking a pre-marital counselling session, a young couple can start discussing a variety of issues such as finances, in-laws, careers, parenting, how to spend quality time and so on. Also, pre-marital counseling is an opportunity for the counselor to build an in-depth relationship with the couple, thus providing long term guidance and foundation for a happy and sustainable marriage.

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Marriage counselling is also important as a couple who has been married for years now can run into a few roadblocks on the way thus affecting the relationship. Often smaller issues crop up and avoiding them only makes these problems much bigger and in some cases lead to divorce. Unfortunately, most people only address these issues when the relationship is almost broken and not when the problems start to surface which is when they should start a healthy dialogue about their relationship. I therefore provide couples with an environment and a way to communicate more clearly with each other. I show you a way to work with each other in order to stay with other not just as husband and wife, but as best friends.

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